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Who i am ?

My training courses :

  • RNCP level 1 certification in individual and team coaching.
  • Recognised by the French State as a Master’s degree equivalent.

I was fortunate enough to be a field salesman, a National Sales Manager for many years, with the animation and administrative management of sales executives, sales promoters or
From animators in the retail environment to specialists in household appliances. These experiences have allowed me to be confronted with the reality of various problems both in the professional and private spheres.
This experience has enabled me to apprehend various types of situations, to take a step back and to visualise
The most appropriate support to achieve each person’s objectives.

I have completed my experience with certified training in the profession of coach to help individuals, managers and employees achieve their goals and make the best use of their skills and the tools at their disposal.

Coaching expertise is for me a complementary tool for personal approaches and professional requests such as :

  • Crisis management
  • Reaction to change
  • Conflict with an employee
  • Decrease in an employee’s performance
  • The rise in skills
  • Difficult individual or team management
  • Referring an employee in difficulty
  • Customer relations
  • Decision-making

Coaching accompaniment allows you to quickly :

  • Take distance from the event
  • Deciphering the problem
  • Limit the emotional impact and allow teams to regain their working capacity
  • Build a short-term action plan
  • Prevent absenteeism

The real discovery does not consist in looking for new landscapes but in changing one’s viewpoint, Marcel Proust

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