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Professional accompaniment

Career coaching is a process whereby a person is guided towards a personal and/or professional goal by a qualified coach.

Here, the notions of partnership, team and allies overlap to form the essence of coaching. Also, the objective is resolutely interested in the discovery of a solution, in the materialisation of a desire to move from a present state to a desired state.

It is about the professional development of a person, in line with his or her personality, values and the realities of his or her professional environment.

It responds to specific situations such as :

  • Passing a professional milestone
  • Improving communication
  • Knowing how to present in public, how to convince
  • Manage a team more effectively
  • Motivate yourself and others
  • Increase your performance and that of your team
  • Giving meaning to one’s professional life
  • Reinforce a collective intelligence dynamic


Successful companies know how to adapt to the demands of a complex and ever-changing economy.

Professional coaching offers individuals, managers, executives and leaders of an organization a support point enabling them to make the adjustments required by the new reality of the organization.

The business coach has the expertise required to stimulate the development of leadership, relational skills, emotional intelligence, priority management, and people’s potential, all in line with the organization’s objectives.

The real discovery does not consist in looking for new landscapes but in changing one’s viewpoint, Marcel Proust

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