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In recent years, coaching has developed significantly in France. It allows us to foster an environment of growth and to optimise a person’s potential.

Today, the constant demand for better performance, the increasing demands of work and stress have allowed coaching to develop.
We need to find ourselves and thrive in an environment that is constantly changing and for which we have not been prepared to live. We are not sick, we simply need someone who can help us to manage uncertainty, to manage the change that is constantly accelerating.

Coaching is a profession with its own rules, ethics and specific training.
The field of application of coaching is growing both in the private and in the corporate sector, such as conflict management, decision making, work on relational skills, stress management, improving efficiency, …

Coaching is a quest for the meaning of life which allows us to cultivate peace within ourselves in order to transmit it to others. It guides the person towards, his spontaneous and creative abilities, each one having a personal genius that is just waiting to be revealed. This philosophy considers that each person has jewels and all the necessary resources within him or her, which the coach will help to bring back to life.

To sum up: coaching is the art of being oneself.

The real discovery does not consist in looking for new landscapes but in changing one’s viewpoint, Marcel Proust

Personal accompaniment

Realize more
Manage your stress better
Coping with difficult situations
Move forward more serenely in your life

Professional accompaniment

A neutral and professional look
Fulfilment at work
Evolve, federate, open up all the possible fields.
Facing everyday problems in a calm environment

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Coach in a professional and private environment

Group or team coaching

Moving around the Lyon region

Remote coaching is possible

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